Our purpose is to enable kids to navigate with purpose

Happiness and success of our kids is not a product of their academic achievements but a disproportionate portion of time is spent on this.

Instead it is based on their perception of self worth! Feeling valued by seeing the impact that they create!

Value and impact comes from the ability of our kids to find their unique purpose and role in contributing to society and navigating the dynamic and changing landscape of the world, both today and in the future.

To create impact by providing sustainable solutions


To create impact where it matters targeting critical needs specific to that community.


To impact over the long term and in a sustainable way.


To amplify the impact by working as part of a bigger TRIBE with partners.

Why is it important...?

Our view of the future is very different to their actual future!

Our children’s lives are going to look very different to ours. Our current idea of the future is going to be very different to what their actual future will look like.

We can’t teach them using our current knowledge, experiences and perceptions even with projections.

The best we can do is equip them with skills to figure their way out in the new future….

"The best way to predict your future IS TO CREATE IT."

Abraham Lincoln

Same future but yet different

Age is a barrier we create for them.

Age is not a barrier for Impact.

Every child has the potential to create impact and age is not a defining factor for creating impact.

However, how we educate our kids make it a factor:

  • The way we phrase questions “what are you going to do when you grow up”….“you’re too young for that right now”….
  • The way the education curriculum prepares them today for facts rather than application and implication
  • The opportunities they have to be exposed to experiences that allow them to see and create value

Inevitably we end up inhibiting their intuition, innate desires and limiting their purpose with our own experiences, perceptions, capabilities and limitations…

…..the same things they need to succeed, creating a fast developing critical skills gap.