Our aim is to enable every child to navigate with a purpose and to create impact by providing sustainable solutions

Our Story

TRIBETM began as a little idea years before it was formally registered as an entity. It was conceived after observing the systemic lack of equity for the underprivileged which made it impossible for them to break free from the vicious cycle of social issues that these communities were facing. We started out with small donations and projects, but quickly realized that we made little impact due to the lack of a sustainable solution. Hence, we decided that we needed to build something that had a more sustainable benefit with local grassroots support and TRIBETM was born.

Our Philosophy

We strive hard to make positive growth impact in the communities we support without creating other social issues of reliance or culture change. We believe growth comes from pride in one’s heritage coupled with access to tools and opportunities that allow communities to flourish. As the name suggests, TRIBE also believes in working in a tribe with other local social enterprises and NGOs who know these communities and their needs much better than we do.


Creating impact while targeting the critical needs specific to the community


Long-term impact with
sustainable aid


Amplifying an impact by partnering with social enterprises to build a bigger TRIBE

How It Works

TRIBETM has developed and runs a skills acquisition programmes for children to acquire skills and tools to help navigate their path to success. Funds collected from these workshops are then used to run these programmes for children in underserved communities around the region as well as provide other support other elements needed like books, musical instruments, sports coaching etc.

Age is a barrier we create for them.

Abraham Lincoln