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The Tribe Story


TRIBE™ initially started out with small projects & donations for different communities.

BUT we soon realised that there were already many good intentioned initiatives, all competing for the same funding, government attention, resources and more.

We also observed that despite many initiatives there was still a systemic lack of equity for the underprivileged which made it impossible for them to break free from the cycle of social issues they were facing.

We needed something more sustainable for longer term impact.

So we thought…
What if…we all worked together to create a bigger eco-system for the community for a potentially bigger impact.

AND a new TRIBETM was born, one that worked to support and connect local social enterprises and NGOs.

Slide How are we different…
“We won’t shift the needle significantly on social welfare by building more charities & social enterprises. We need to support existing social enterprises on the ground to help them be more impactful!”
tribe philosophy

The TRIBETM Philosophy

We strive hard to make a positive & sustainable impact to the communities we support without creating potentially new social issues of reliance or cultural shifts. We also don’t believe that multiple enterprises competing for already scare social welfare resources is sustainable. We need to work together.

As our name suggests, we believe in working as part of a TRIBE™ with local social enterprises and NGOs (who know these communities and their needs much better), by providing programs, tools, skills, items, business process advise and funding that will allow these entities to be more impactful in ensuring that their communities flourish.

Our Ecosystem

TRIBETM aims to create a sustainable ecosystem to support underserved communities in addressing their specific challenges and amplify the impact of social initiatives of our partners.

Our collective success is dependent on developing sustainable collaborations.

Our Ecosystem

We believe that anything that we do… should be done



To create the right impact by targeting critical and specific needs of communities through our local partners expertise.



To provide support that enables the social enterprises and communities to thrive on their own over time.



Amplifying the impact of the local social enterprises to build a stronger TRIBETM